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        Get your Store On-line

        Community Futures has partnered with??SHOPIFY???to? present a webinar for CF clients and businesses on digital business transformation –? how to get your store online in changing times. The recording of the 2 hour webinar is available at the link below:

        Get your store online Webinar

        Part 1 – Exploring Opportunities in E-Commerce
        Part 2 – Launch and Grow Your Online Business with a?Shopify Store

        The following additional resources are also available:

        Get your store on-line in changing times?

        The Digital Products startup Guide?

        Shopify Resources 2020?



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        Our Service Area

        The Indigenous communities cited in the Mission Statement are People living within the Thompson, Shuswap, Nicola, Fraser Canyon, Lillooet and Okanagan areas.

        This includes persons, groups, or businesses living both on and off reserves as well as in urban or rural settings. The Boards' main objectives include the creation and strengthening Indigenous business development and formation of programming and support measures to prepare Indigenous people entering the labour market.

        While there are subsequent Community Futures Development Corporations within our geographical area, the Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations is dedicated to the unique economic development needs of Indigenous Communities.

        CFDC of CIFN is here to support.
        Our hearts & prayers go out to everyone.

        ? Copyright 2021 CFDC of CIFN. All rights reserved.

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